Thursday, March 16, 2017

DISCUSSION: Let's Talk Social Media

Confession: I am awful when it comes to social media.
When it comes to my blog, I have a Twitter account, but no Facebook page. Here's what typically happens: I go on Twitter for a few weeks, I tweet, I interact, I retweet, I catch up on notifications and my followers, etc., etc., etc. Then . . . I forget about it for three months or something. Then I realize that I should go back on Twitter and the cycle starts all over again. And I usually have way too many notifications after not checking it in so long.

P.S. Looking at my Twitter feed, the only posts in the past several months are my auto-generated Goodreads reviews and my auto-generated blog post links. Boring, much?
I guess my problem is that I feel so much pressure with what I say on Twitter. 140 characters to express something profound and funny? I need at least 200 characters for that. And most of the time, I just don't feel like I have anything to say. I admire the hell out of all you fabulous Twitter people who manage to crack me up with every tweet. And personally, I just spend more time on Facebook than Twitter. So it's easy to spend more time on that platform.

And don't even get me started with Instagram. I'm way too lazy for that one. But maybe I should spend more time on there, if nothing else, just so I can share my wonderful pictures of all my travels.

I have been contemplating creating a Facebook page for my blog. I love interacting with other bloggers and with my readers and I feel like I would get more interaction there. I am curious about what you guys think though.

Fellow bloggers, do you have a Facebook page? Do you have a favorite social media platform? Which platform allows you more interaction with other bloggers and readers. 


  1. I suck at Twitter. I don't know how to be witty there or I feel like anything I say is just dumb. I love scanning through though and I try to retweet stuff. I have a FB page but not much interaction. I think it is a way that some people just follow my blog - more like people who actually know me. Definitely due IG with your travel pics - I would love to see them!!

  2. I hear you! My twitter presence is minimal (mostly re-tweeting political commentary these days), I don't have a blog FB page, and while I agree that IG has pretty pictures, it doesn't seem very productive to me. I can only think of one blog whose FB page I follow, and it's not a book blog. If my blog were my business, I'd approach it differently, but I don't feel a need to try to drum up traffic.

  3. Hi Cynthia!
    I think for me Twitter is less about being profound and more about connecting with other bloggers. So, we talk about books, or movies, or characters. I use it mostly for sharing some thoughts or discoveries. It could be YouTube channels or videos that I found. Or, recommending some blogs. Stuff like that. I have a Facebook page for the blog, but only family and some friends follow me on there. So, it has not been about creating more of traffic flow to my blog.

  4. Sigh, I feel you so much. I spend so much time trying to come up with something decent to say on Twitter, then deciding nothing is good enough, and giving up. But I also HATE Facebook. Hate hate hate. So I stick to Twitter. I DO have a FB page for my blog, but I really just schedule things to post there and don't go on it unless someone comments and I get notified. Have I mentioned that I hate FB? Also, I kind of hate Instagram. Well, it's complicated. I like it in THEORY. I love pretty book pictures. BUt it is soooo time consuming! So why bother? I never get a lot of likes anyway, it seems whether I post a crappy picture or a decent one, it gets the same people's views, so who even cares at this point? I am never going to be some kind of social media personality, because I don't have the time, or frankly, the confidence. So... I am just kind of resolving myself to do what I can, when I can. And I say you should just do whatever works best for yoU!

  5. I'm actually kind of terrible with social media too! I just can't keep track of stuff on Twitter. Currently my blog doesn't have a Facebook and I'm not sure if it's worth the time it effort for me right now. I'm slightly more active on Instagram but sometimes I just don't feel like I'm dedicated enough to social media to make it a big thing. /sigh. That being said I'm going to try to be more active on the blog!
    Great discussion, Cynthia!

    Ps. Here's my discussion post of the week (:

  6. I have a FB page for the blog and a Twitter account, both of which I use to share my posts. I do have an Instagram account, but I never use it. I've never gotten the hang of it, especially since it seems like something I can only do from my phone not from the computer. Even though I share on FB and Twitter, I don't know if it does any good. I don't get much traffic or interaction from either source.

  7. I'm actually okay on Twitter---or as okay as I feel like I need to be. I'm not super-clever or anything, but I use it to get the word out about things I love (posts, giveaways, publisher news, etc). My FB feed is pretty much the same as your Twitter feed, though---nothing but automated posts. I think you just have to decide what you want to do and then go for it. And not worry about it too much. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction