Monday, May 2, 2016

Disney Princess Book Tag

This tag was originally done by Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog. Since I love Disney (and I am experiencing a bit of writer's block this week), I figured there was no better time to do it!

1. Snow White: Name your favorite classic
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is one of the very few adult classics that I absolutely loved. It's one of my favorite books!

2. Cinderella: a book that kept you reading past your bedtime
There have been SO MANY! I will just go with the most recent one: every single book in the Harry Potter series. It was my first read of many, I am sure.

3. Ariel: a book about sacrifices and fighting for your dreams
An Untamed State by Roxane Gay was BRUTAL. Miri is kidnapped and viciously attacked over the course of three days. Those scenes are intense and raw. But Miri's fight to recover her life after the attack is even more powerful.

4. Aurora: favorite classic romance
Jane and Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre

5. Belle: a book with a smart and independent female character
The Unnamed Midwife from The Book of the Unnamed Midwife was one bad ass character. In a world where 99% of women are dying from a mysterious illness, the unnamed midwife takes on anyone who crosses her and takes care of herself. She is amazing and my hero. Also, if you haven't read this book, READ IT!

6. Jasmine: a book character that challenged social conventions
Isabelle from The Nightingale is one of my favorite female characters ever. During WWII, she helped downed Allied airmen escape from Nazi capture by leading them over the Pyrenees mountains in France. She hiked over these mountains for days numerous times and no one suspected her because she was a woman. She was freaking awesome.

7. Pocahontas: a book with a roller coaster ending
Illuminae had my heart pounding with all the action. That ending had me salivating for the sequel!

8. Mulan: a book featuring a war or battle
Code Name Verity was set during WWII. I know that technically the war was happening off the pages, but there was plenty of action in this book as a result of it. This book was AMAZING.

9. Tiana: a book with a hardworking self made character
Hermione from Harry Potter is one of my new favorite heroines. No one works harder than her. No one.

10. Rapunzel: a book with an artist
Lennie from The Sky Is Everywhere is a poet and she's an awesome one at that! Loved this story and loved Lennie's poetry scattered throughout.

11. Merida: a book with a mother-daughter relationship.
Unlike most YA books, Emmy & Oliver portrayed a realistic mother daughter relationship. Yes, Emmy's mother got on her nerves because she was so overprotective and yes, they had their disagreements because of it. But at the end of the day, Emmy's mom was there and she loved her.

12. Anna and Elsa: a book with a great relationship between siblings
The sisters in Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda were all kinds of awesome. I loved his entire family.

I tag anyone who loves Disney!

Do you love Disney movies? Which one is your favorite? Have you read any of the books on this list? If not, YOU NEED TO!

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  1. Ah love this tag so much. I actually don't know who created it though ( I wish I had thought of it!!) Love your picks for mother/daughter and siblings. Emmy & Oliver and Simon were amazing in those aspects. I need to read HP!! I also have a new found love of Disney movies because of my daughter. For princesses I love Tangled and Brave!

    1. Oh Grace, I adore Tangled so much! I have never seen Brave though. I have no kids, but I am not ashamed to say that I adore Disney movies. They are timeless. :) And yes, you do need to read Harry Potter soon!

  2. You like Jane Eyre too?! You're pretty much the only other person I've found so far! I read it awhile ago and loved it! I really need to reread it soon :) I love this tag!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Oh Laura, I adore Jane Eyre! I have seen many people who don't like it either and I just don't get it. I read it for the first time last year. I sense another reread in my future. :)

  3. Great books! I like how Jane Eyre was on there twice, haha. Oh man, was Illuminae a roller coaster of ride! Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda is on my TBR, I'm happy that there's a great sibling relationship, love those.

    1. Thanks Cyn! Yeah, I just loved Jane Eyre so much. I didn't even care that I repeated it. I hope you read Simon soon. It was such a great read!