Monday, December 19, 2016

Three Things

I kind of copied Lauren @ Bookmark Lit on this one. I saw this questionnaire on her blog and I thought this would be a great way to tell you guys a bit more about myself. I didn't do every single question on her list just because a few of them didn't really apply to me.

Three things I'd never give up

My husband, bacon, reading 

Three favorite vegetables

cooked onions, lettuce, broccoli

Three favorite fruits 

pineapple, strawberries, watermelon

Three favorite shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end

The Office, Parks and Recreation, Gilmore Girls
Three places I want to visit inside the U.S.

Grand Canyon, Chicago, Alaska

Three places I want to visit outside the U.S.

Australia, New Zealand, Africa (preferably Kenya to visit Giraffe Manor and to go on a safari)
Three things I always have with me

phone, chapstick, books (either on my phone or on my Kindle)
Three qualities I like about myself

passionate, kind, optimistic

Three qualities I dislike about myself

self-conscious, stubborn, hard to apologize and admit when I'm wrong 

Three pet peeves

bigotry of any kind, when people use emory boards on their nails (I hate that sound), when my husband makes bacon for himself, but not for me (he won't make that mistake again)

Three things that make me laugh

my husband's corny jokes, my dog's antics, Bob's Burgers tv show
Three things that make me cry

The Folger's Christmas commercial (the one where the soldier comes home), any book that is set during WWII, and any argument with my husband (I cry when I'm mad).

Tell me three things I don't know about you in the comments!


  1. I would never give up bacon either!! I watched Gilmore Girls faithfully too. Ugh that stupid commercial with the soldier gets me too!!! Fun post :)

    1. Thanks Grace!! I still need to see the Gilmore Girls reunion though. I can't believe I haven't watched it yet.

  2. Love this list! I also feel like I should recommend an anthology that recently graced my shelves about World War I (The Penguin Book of First World War Stories).

    Happy reading!

    1. Thanks Joy! I will check that series out too. Who is the author? I was having a hard time finding it when I searched for it.

  3. I love your pet peeves ones!!😂 But I mean, who would DARE make bacon for themselves and not for everyone?!? Shame shame. I'm glad your husband has learned from his mistakes.😂 Also Australia is an EXCELLENT place to visit. Highly recommend. ;)
    Omg three things I couldn't give up...definitely books. Of course. And probably my noise-cancelling headphones (<3 we're in a committed relationship) and running!

    1. Cait, I know, right?? CRAZY!! Luckily, my husband learns quickly and he ALWAYS makes enough bacon for me too. :) Ooh, noise canceling headphones would be awesome. I should get some of those. That way, if someone tried to talk to me while I was reading, I wouldn't even hear it. :)

  4. I saw thing on her blog and liked it too, on my list of posts I'd like to do!

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist

  5. DUDE that Folger's commercial does me in too! I also ALWAYS have chapstick. I also want to visit ALL of those places, too! Well, I have been to Chicago, and I like Chicago as a rule. But the others, YES! This is such a fun idea, I love it! Also, I am glad your husband now understands the rules of bacon cooking ;)

    1. Shannon, I don't even know why I still cry over it. I know how it ends, but it still gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Crazy.

  6. Beautiful caramelized onion! Yes, please!
    New Zealand is one of my most favouritest place in the world! And I love Bob's Burger!